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Socom Hackers

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Welcome to my socom site!
clan has disbanded!


<DIV>I have alot of stuffs for socom 2 and socom 3&nbsp;, combined assualt is really hard to hack ,&nbsp;so i dont have those codes or hacks for it,&nbsp;but if you guys want to join my clan that is all about glitching and hacking and we'll tell you code9 sites!Just email me at <A href="" ></A> or IM me on socom 2 ,name is cr@zy_taliban to get to be in my clan [Glitch Souljahs],&nbsp;ill see you soon!</DIV>

<DIV>I do not take any responsibility of if your

Im still building this site with useful stuffs!Please give me code9 programs or code majic programs or other useful stuffs and we will give you some nice stuffs!Feel free to IM me or email me any questions anything thing that might help us out.If my clan helped me out their percent in clan members will go up and if you got to 100% you would get emailed 5 hacking programs in your email and you would get to have alot of respect and will get to be on this site alot and it will say on the page clan members, The Best Members That Will Never Be Forgotten And Will Always Be Apart Of This Site And Clan.

Look at the page about our clan for more further details about what we do in our clan