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Socom Hackers

About our clan

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[Glitch Souljahs]
Here we will talk about what are clan does and will do with our clan in the future

Im a code9ner and yes i did make this clan with code 9.Anyways our clan glitches and uses code9.We tell news about what is new and sites that are interesting with hacks and some rare glitches.We also try to get people to join our clan.Who ever joins our clan will have their name on this site!We first need your email address for giving you updates and code9 files.If you dont want code9 files because you know trojans happen through email attachments thats fine.Just say no or yes on my email about what you want to get send on your email.If you dont put an answer we will just put it as no so please give us an answer we would really appreciate it!Code majic we could give you so there is three choices when you send me an email.Put yes or no i would want code majic or code9 or news.Glitch Souljahs is a expert at hacking and glitching!So please send me an email at  and once are clan has alot of people in it we will do more stuffs and more stuffs for you!Dont forget to email us your socom 2 name so we can send you an clan invite!