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Socom Hackers

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These might help you if you need help

Need help with rkswapper?
First,you need a fat ps2, no slim ps2 or you cant do it. Then,you need codebreaker.
Plug your flash drive into the computer or a psp that has a usb core to plug into the computer.Then, download the code9 file into your flash drive or psp.For psp do not put it in a folder or it wont work just keep it out of folders in the psp!Load CodeBreaker and put your flash drive or psp into the Ps2.Go to the flash drive icon in CodeBreaker manager.The file will say  file 1 if it doesnt dont worry.Save the file even if it doesnt say file 1 into your memory card.Next go to the memory icon again and press x and then triangle, and you will see a menu pop up.Click compress.After its done compressing it will say done click x then turn off your Ps2.Then put in a ps1 disk that was made before 1998.You will see a screen pop up ,not the ps1 picture but the code9 screen.Go to msc1 and then click the first badata.Click code9.elf.Put it as default and then when you put it as default you see a dark screen.Click arcode,then go choose your codes!.Dont pick too much codes or else your screen will freeze when you put in socom 2 cd and it says loading.After your done with your codes get out to the main menu and go click Game and it will say insert masterdisk which means socom 2.Insert it and wait a min and it will say press o or x to continue.Click any of those buttons and it will boot you to socom 2.If it freezes when your on the picture of  socom 2 and it says loading put less codes or make a saved game on socom 2 for it to able to work.When you go online it wont say banned and you will get to go play with your codes online!
Still stuck?Email me at