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We got Socom 3 glitches waiting for you!


Cableman Glitch first you jump off of something right when you jump off turn standby on and go 5 feet away and stop and turn standby off.ask someone were your at .if they say your going through what you jumped off you did it!(note that do not move or they will see were your at) Cableman Glitch in water go in water and then turn standby on.get out of water 5 feet away from water. stop and turn standby off.ask someone what your doing.if you stand they will see you standing on the water.

continued... if you are crouching they will see you crouching on water.(note dont move or they will see were you are at)Cableman Glitch swimming on land go on land and turn standby on go in water 5 feet away from were you were at.stop and then turn standby off.on their screens you will be swimming on land(note dont move or they will see were your at)hopping on water go turn standby on right when you jump and fall into the water.move 3 three away and press triangle to go underwater.turn standby off.

dont move.on other screens you will be jumping up and down.see yourself swim on land Glitch keep pressing triangle rapidly and tell some one to push you slowly on land with boat.once you get on land swimming tell him to get a car to push around long as you press triangle rapidly you will swim on land!Skywalker go get a claymore and a at-4. plant claymore and put rocket and detenator on l1.switch to rocket then detenator.go to ladder and press x r1. you will have your rocket out skywalking.

Possest Turret Glitch go right by a turret on a vehicle.tell someone to count to 3 and put your rocket on l1.when he counts to three pull cord and press x to click the mount icon.then switch to your rocket.put cord back will get shot while you got sucked to turret.on their screen you are out of vehicle with rocket not switch seats.